About Us


Founded in 2018, Mamabox Corporation Pte Ltd is a Distribution Technology company that focuses on Total Commerce. Through our D2C model, Mamabox™ partners with various established and emerging brands to distribute products through our O2O (Online to Offline) strategies on all major online Marketplaces, Social Commerce, Mamabox™ Vending Machines, General & Modern Trades, Horeca, and Food Services Customer. The company also provides E-Commerce & Enabler Solution, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Storage, and Last Mile Delivery as part of our Total Commerce Solution.

More Than Just An E-Commerce Website

Mamabox manages a myriad of brands from different categories catering to all needs. By understanding the common pain points of third-party brands, we craft ‘out of the box’ strategies which empowers brands to effectively reach their potential target audiences using our Total Commerce Solution.