Everything You Need To Know About Catcher Gourmet’s Hazelnut Sauce

A must have for your cafe/restaurant/bakery! 

Catcher Gourmet specialises in making sauces and powders used by professional baristas and cafe owners. Catcher Gourmet’s sauces are made of quality ingredients and are best used for specialty and gourmet drinks, desserts, and bakery items. In this blog post, we will be introducing Catcher Gourmet’s Hazelnut Sauce! 



What it tastes like: 

Catcher Gourmet’s Hazelnut sauce is a tantalising blend of hazelnut flavours that melts your soul and keeps you going back for more! 

What u can use it for:

1. Hazelnut Latte/ Macchiato/ Frappe 

Starbucks introduces Hazelnut Macchiato | 2013-03-05 | Beverage Industry

Hazelnut Coffee Drinks are must-have items at every cafe or bakery.  

Simply add a dash of this rich, nutty, and chocolatey Hazelnut sauce into your coffees or milk. 

2. Hazelnut Milk tea

If you have visited Bubble Tea shops, you would know that Hazelnut Milk Tea exists. In fact, Hazelnut Milk Teas are always one of the top few best selling drinks in these stores. Hazelnut Milk Tea is sweet and creamy, with a hint of nuttiness from the hazelnut. 

3. Hazelnut topping for ice cream, cake, frozen yogurt, cookies 

Waffles With Duo Chocolate & Hazelnut Ice CreamNutella Sauce for Ice Cream, Pancakes, or Waffles - Baking Mischief

Catcher Gourmet's Hazelnut Sauce is a tantalising blend of hazelnut flavours. It goes well with cakes, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cookies, and more! This beauty can be drizzled over any dessert you like to truly treat your tastebuds.

Serve over ice cream and waffles with nut brittle, granola, sprinkles or any of your other favourite toppings!

Why Hazelnut Sauce over Hazelnut Powder: 

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - Creamy and Rich - Baking With Butter

Hazelnut Powders and Hazelnut Sauces are both rich, chocolatey, and have a nutty flavour.

Both can be used to make drinks and cakes. However, Hazelnut sauces can also be used as toppings for desserts. Simply drizzle this creamy, luscious and rich Hazelnut sauce for a nutty flavour.

Get your own Catcher Gourmet’s Hazelnut Sauce at https://bit.ly/catchergourmet for your own cafe or restaurant, to explore a new world of flavours. Take any moment and make it delectable. Catcher Gourmet Sauce is Simply Sensational.