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    [BUNDLE OF 6] Impulse Body Spray Deodorant 75ml - mamabox.sg
    [BUNDLE OF 6] Impulse Body Spray Deodorant 75ml
    Impulse Body Spray Deodorant 75ml x 2 - mamabox.sg
    Impulse Body Spray Deodorant 75ml x 2


    Originally launched in South Africa, Impulse made its entrance into the UK in 1972, quickly ascending to the position of UK's #1 female body spray brand. Becoming an indispensable accessory in every woman's handbag, Impulse is just a body spray; it's a partner in embracing individuality and empowering women to embody their beliefs and identity.

    Officially distributed in Singapore by Mamabox, Impulse invites you on a fragrant journey where self-expression meets confidence – Unlease your Impulse today.


    • Introduced as a 'perfume deodorant' in South Africa.

    Early 1980s

    • Launched in the UK with a distinctive butterfly design stage.
    • Slogan: Men can't help acting on Impulse.
    • Launched in the USA
    • - Six initial fragrances: "Always Alluring," "Delightfully Daring," "Instantly Innocent," "Mysterious Musk," "Possible Playful," and "Suddenly Sassy."


    • Three new fragrances: "Elation," "Electric Musk," and "Temptation"

    Late 1980s - Early 1990s

    • Two new fragrances: "Tres LA" and "Night Rhythms"
    • Collaboration with perfume line, Prince Matchabelli.


    • Last fragrance introduced in the USA, called "Impressions."


    • Spice Girls becomes the spokesperson, releasing the limited edition fragrance: Spice Girls
    • An explosive cocktail of ingredients reflecting each individual member of the Spice Girls.


    • Eight fragrances are released: Thrill, Goddess, and Siren.


    • Inspired by global cities, three limited edition fragrances known as The City Collection are launched


    • The release of a fragrance called True Love.


    • Two fragrances, Into Glamour and Very Pink, are released.


    • Charli XCX becomes the spokesperson for three limited edition Impulse body sprays: Rock & Love, Vanilla Kisses, and Why Not?


    • Launch of Impulse Body Mists.


    • Launch of Impulse Body Shimmers


    • Unleash your Impulse Campaign

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