The Best Impulse Body Spray Fragrance For You Based On Your Personality

Did you know? It is possible to choose a fragrance according to your personality. Want to know which Impulse Body Spray suits your personality the most? Let's find out! 

Tease: Fresh and Ambitious 

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If you are intuitive, spiritual, and ambitious, Tease might be the best Impulse Body Spray for you. You have an easygoing personality and make decisions easily and quickly. You prefer going out instead of staying in. Tease has a refreshing scent with hints of fruits like Pineapple, Mandarin, and Red fruits, and delicate flowers like Rose, Peach blossom, and Pink Peony. This scent makes you feel energised. It's the perfect fragrance after a gym session.  

Very Pink: Feminine and Loving 

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If people around you describe you as feminine, friendly, and loving, Impulse Very Pink body spray might suit you the most! Floral scent lovers are sensitive and compassionate. This Very Pink fragrance consists of Mandarin, Bergamot, Orange, and Pink Grapefruit which transforms into a bold and feminine scent of Pink Orchid, Rose and Lotus blossom. 

Be Surprised: Fiery and Lively 

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If you have an energetic, fiery, and lively personality, Be Surprised might be the best Impulse Body Spray for you. You are definitely the life of the party. Be Surprised has explosive and delightful Raspberry notes and irresistible hints of Rose, Peony, and Vanilla. Ready for the weekend? Spray this fragrance on before you hit the dance floor! 

True Love: Romantic and Energetic 

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If you are energetic and romantic, True Love might be the best Impulse Body Spray for you. True Love fragrance contains exciting citrus notes like Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit with hints of Peach, Pear, and Melon. It also contain hints of flowers like Rose, Freesia, and Muguet. However, this fragrance might be too overwhelming for some. If you have a sensitive nose, don’t spray too much on.  

By identifying your traits and personality, you can select a Body Spray that represents YOU. Be true to yourself and wear what you enjoy the most. #UnleashyourImpulse

Impulse Body Sprays are essential. It can be carried on the go, as it fits easily into any bag. You can get an instant fragrance boost after school, after a gym session or at work. Get your Impulse Body Spray now on our website! Buy the full range of Impulse Body Spray and get a FREE Vaseline Lip Balm (Mellow Rose/ Kissing Red).