This Energy Drink Is Not Like The Other Energy Drinks..

(Disclaimer: This is solely based on the opinion of an employee at MAMABOX) 

In general, energy drinks are avoided by Health Enthusiasts like me, due to their artificial ingredients and high caffeine content.
Why drink energy drinks when you can take a nap?
However, this Energy Drink is DIFFERENT from the rest…
Heineken advertised their Solar Power Energy drink as ALL Natural and is guaranteed to provide Refreshingly Good Energy (“Good Energy Only!!!!”).

Visual Appeal 

This slim and sleek metallic blue can is definitely eye-catching. 

Solar Power Energy Drink: YAY or NAY? 

When poured into a transparent cup, it resembles a cup of Beer. It has a bright and light gold/orange colour, and the bubbling/fizz of the drink is apparent. 


With no experience in energy drinks, I took a sip without any expectations.
The first sip was sweet and fruity. It had an orangey flavour reminiscent of a Vitamin C drink.
And while it is a fizzy drink, it isn’t as gassy as other Carbonated drinks.
If I had to describe the taste in three words, it was like a fruity carbonated drink (that provides an energy boost).

Is it really Healthier? 

Definitely. Solar Power Energy Drink contains a unique combination of naturally-sourced caffeine, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D for a healthier energy boost. 


Since there are no artificial sweeteners, it is much healthier than other Energy Drinks. Energy drinks no longer have to be overly sweet, heart-racing and palm-sweat-inducing.

Overall Rating: 

While I’m still far from being an energy drink fan, I may grab a can of Solar Power when I need a good energy BOOST, especially after a 3-hour meeting or to push through the work day. I believe that regular energy drink consumers would love that it's a healthier and natural option.

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(Disclaimer: Drinking too many Energy drinks may cause long-term health effects. Enjoy Responsibly) 

(Not Recommended for Children, Pregnant or Nursing women and persons sensitive to caffeine)