Introducing Catcher Gourmet's Products

A must have for your cafe/restaurant/bakery! 

If you haven't heard of Catcher Gourmet, Catcher Gourmet specialises in making sauces and powders used by professional baristas and cafe owners. They are of excellent quality, have smooth textures, and are rich in distinctive flavours. Catcher Gourmet's products will help you whip up your magic and concoct gourmet specialty beverages. There is a whole new world of flavours waiting to be explored and beverages to be crafted. With Catcher Gourmet, the possibilities are limitless! 

Here are the range of Powders available: 

Chocolate Powder Series

Tea Powder Series

Vanilla Powder Series

These powders can be used to make Iced, Hot, and Blended drinks.


Chai Tea Latte Powder

Want to make fragrant and spiced barista-worthy Chai tea? Don’t have time to brew and steep tea to make Traditional Chai tea? A powdered Chai mix like Catcher Gourmet’s Chai tea powder is perfect for you. 

To make a cup of warm and comforting Chai Tea Latte, just stir a couple scoops of Catcher Gourmet’s Chai Tea Powder in hot water.  

Catcher Gourmet’s Chai Tea Latte is a rich tea infused with premium spices including Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon, and Clove and topped with frothy milk. It is a perfect mixture of sweet and spicy. 


Matcha Latte Powder

With the Matcha tea craze, Matcha latte is undoubtedly a popular choice for cafe-goers. Matcha is not too sweet, it is a great drink to pair with sweet treats. Making a cup of Matcha Latte with Catcher Gourmet’s Matcha Latte Powder is easy and fuss-free. Just add hot water to the mixture, and mix with frothed or cold milk. This makes a smooth and creamy Matcha latte, with subtle bitterness. 


Sauces available: 

Gourmet Sauce Series 


Fruity Sauce Series

These sauces can be added to drinks and desserts. Enjoy a Fruity smoothie or an Italian Soda in the comfort of your home. 

Earl Grey Flavoured Sauce

Ever heard of an Earl Grey Flavoured Sauce? Earl Grey tea is one of the most recognised flavoured tea in the world. It is rich, floral and aromatic making it a perfect topping for cakes and ice cream. Earl Grey Lavender Cakes are gaining popularity at cafes. Simply add Catcher Gourmet’s Earl Grey Sauce to your cake mixtures to achieve the floral and aromatic Earl Grey flavour. 

If you are feeling adventurous, try adding the Earl Grey sauce to your coffee or to cold or frothed milk. 


Black Sugar Flavoured Sauce

Black sugar is made by boiling sugar cane syrup till it turns into a black syrup. The syrup is then cooled, leaving dark brown blocks of sugar. It has a caramel-smoky flavour. Sweet and Indulgent, it gained popularity and created a Black Sugar craze a few years back. Although the trend has died down, Black Sugar is still widely used in Bubble Tea and Pastries in Singapore. It creates black caramel streaks when poured into milk, making it Instagram-worthy.

Aside from that, Catcher Gourmet’s Black Sugar Sauce can also be added to coffee to create Black Sugar Latte. 


Pink Guava Fruity Sauce

Pink Guava’s flesh has a sweet and musky fragrance and tastes similar to fruits like Papaya, Passionfruit, and Pear. Catcher Gourmet’s Pink Guava Sauce is perfect for drizzling over your ice cream and cakes. It can also be mixed with Sparkling/Soda water and liquor, to create a refreshing and fruity Pink Guava Sparkling Punch. 


Peach Fruity Sauce

Peach fruity sauce is tangy and sweet. It is a perfect ingredient for drinks. 

Add Catcher Gourmet’s Peach Fruity Sauce to Sparkling water and get a refreshing cup of Peach Sparkling water, to quench your thirst. This Peach Fruity Sauce can also be used to make Summer drinks like Peach lemonades and Cocktails. Add hints of fresh lime or mint to create an irresistible Summer drink.

Other than the drinks and desserts mentioned in this post, Catcher Gourmet’s Powders and Sauces can be used to put together MANY more drinks and desserts. It’s yours to explore! Get your own Catcher Gourmet’s Powders and Sauces at for your own cafe or restaurant, to explore a new world of flavours. The possibilities are limitless. Take a sip of magic.

Last but not least, we will be introducing a new Catcher Gourmet product -- Hazelnut Flavoured Sauce! Stay tuned for it!