How To Enjoy Craft Beer At It's Best.

It doesn't matter if you are a craft beer enthusiast or new to this field. Drinking craft beer is always a pleasure. However, there are some small precautions you should take. Here are some tips!

6 things you SHOULD DO when drinking craft beer 

1. Drink more than one sip when trying a new craft beer.

Craft Beer's Flavours can be complex and its aftertaste can be deceiving. Try more than one sip before you decide whether you like the beer or not. 

2. Drink craft beer at the right temperature.

Do you think it's best to drink beer when it's ice cold? You're Wrong!! The cold sensation inhibits the taste receptors of your tongue and prevents your palate from tasting any nuance of flavour. The recommended temperature for beer is between 3 to 11 degrees celsius. 

3. Use the right glasses!

Enjoy your Beer in beer glasses, not just any glass. They will enhance the flavor even more.

4. Watch out for the alcohol content!

Pay attention to what you are about to drink, especially if you are not used to drinking beer with high alcohol contents. It's better to take precautions before drinking. 

5. Drink your craft beer in the right order

When trying several craft beers at once, start with the lowest alcohol content and heavier beers towards the end. It prevents your mouth from being overwhelmed by strong flavors and lose the more discreet flavours of lighter beers. Also, try not to go back and forth, as you will only confuse your palates.

6. Take tasting notes.

A little nerdy? Maybe, but it shows that you take your beer seriously. Write down what you like and don't like, the subtle differences in taste and the names of the beers you fancy. 

Here are 5 things NOT to do.

1. DO NOT store your craft beer in sunlight. 

Sunlight is the main factor that ruins alcohol. The flavour will no longer be original. 

2. DO NOT store craft beer at a high temperature.

Try to store your craft beer below room temperature. When you buy alcohol at a store, try to buy the chilled beers, even if you don't intend to drink them immediately. Heat can accelerate the rate at which alcohol loses its freshness. 

3. DO NOT drink on an empty stomach.

Beginner's mistake. Consuming food before or while drinking craft beer will change how your body metabolizes alcohol. In short, it means that instead of feeling tipsy during your first beer, you will be able to savour your experience and will likely be able to take a second round.

4. DO NOT wear perfume or cologne.

Strong odors can interfere with the scent of a beer, especially any craft beer with lighter flavors and smells. Keep yourself and your surroundings free of strong odors while tasting beers.

5. If you have to drive, DON'T drink. 

Be responsible. Drink or Drive, you decide.

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