5 Singaporean Childhood Snacks We Loved As A Kid

How many of these 5 Childhood Snacks did you Recognise?

Do you remember saving whatever amount of pocket money you had left to buy snacks during recess in Primary school? Do you remember the old-school childhood snacks you painstakingly saved money for? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these five old-school Singaporean snacks you can recognise: 

1. Hawflakes

Hawflakes are made from the fruit hawthorn. This old-school candy comes in thin and round slices and is extremely sweet and sour. Many primary school kids were seen popping multiple slices of this nostalgic candy into their mouths during lessons. As for myself, I enjoyed biting into every slice to savour the sweetness of this candy.

2. White Rabbit Candy 

Ever debated whether the translucent paper was edible among your friends? Fun fact! The wrapper is made of edible glutinous rice paper! The milky and chewy White Rabbit can also be consumed in different forms, Ice Cream Lollies, Bubble Tea, and even Body Lotion!

3. Ice Gem Biscuits

Ice Gem Biscuit is an old-school biscuit with coloured meringue icing on top. Were you one of those kids that ate the biscuit first, popped the brightly coloured icing in your mouth, and waited for it to dissolve in your mouth? Despite it being too sweet, it was still an enjoyable snack as a kid.

4. Horlicks Malties

If you were a fan of melt-in-your-mouth candies, this old-school malt candy must have been one of your favourites. It is filled with the goodness of milk, malt, and wheat and readily dissolves in your mouth. Horlicks Malties are rich in Vitamin A for eye function, Calcium for Strong Bones, and Zinc for Growth. Mmm the good old days...

5. Push Pops

Ah, were you the cool kid holding a Push Pop candy? A Push Pop is a fruit lollipop with a lipstick-like design, that allows you to push out the hard candy and pop it back in to save it for later. Even though it always ends up in a sticky mess, it is still a fun and delicious candy to eat. 

Did you recognise any of the 5 Childhood Snacks? 

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