Our First Live Stream - Expertise Vs Attitude

Live stream selling is one of the common social media channels for many e-commerce stores to grow in terms of awareness and sales. And just about everyone of them seeks for professional help from live streamers to aid their growth in this field.

However at Mamabox, we beg to differ from this traditional approach of using the impact of matured live streamers and influencers to input to a company’s traffic. We strive to procure the most exclusive, valued deals to our customers straight without any intermediaries.

Though we are not professionals at live streaming, we are certainly professionals in the e-commerce industry. At Mamabox, we strongly believe in the “culture of innovation” and adoption of technology to effectively outreach, connect, and serve our customers. This is also aligned with our vision of becoming the leading TOTAL COMMERCE company in the Asia market. Without outsourcing to a 3rd party platform to conduct our livestreams, we are capable of understanding the needs of our consumers and better connect with them.
Live Streaming is definitely a new area to be explored by us, we may not be experts in it currently, but we believe that it is our attitude that would bring us to higher grounds. We would thus also continue striving in bringing exciting products and exclusive deals to you!
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