Did You Know Horlicks' Malties played an important role in World War II?

If you read our past blog post, you would know that Horlicks' Malties has been around for quite some time and may be your childhood snack! 

You may recognise Malties in the form of blue packets, but have you seen Malties sold in a bottle? This nutritious bottle of Malties was in fact a necessity during World War II. Let’s uncover this today… 

Horlicks' Malties was first created as milk tablet candies wrapped in paper, for children. It was marketed in the US such that it could be taken to school easily. 

A while later, Horlicks tablets were supplied to US and UK troops. They were included in their life-raft rations and aircrew escape kits. Horlicks Malties served as an energy-boosting treat and comfort food for the soldiers. Soldiers used to consume one tin of Malties, as a tin of Malties was sufficient for soldiers to maintain strength and vigour for 24 hours. It was a great lunch substitute for soldiers on-the-go.   

Today, Horlicks' Malties is known by many as a favourite childhood candy. It has proven to be a timeless classic that provides numerous nutritious benefits. Other than the benefits advertised on their packaging(Vitamin A, Zinc, Calcium), Horlicks' Malties also contain Vitamin B6 that keeps your immune system healthy, and Iron for healthy red blood cells!

It goes without saying that Horlicks' Malties is a go-to candy loved by many! Get one now on our website, for yourself, family members or friends.