4 Lesser-Known Ways To Use Your Body Sprays

Body sprays can be used anytime and anywhere! Other than spraying it on your body, here are 4 other ways to use your body spray. 

1. After showering to feel refreshed 

It's not a lesser-known way, but it's a method that helps your body spray last longer!
Spraying body sprays right after a shower adds a fresh fragrance that is not too strong.
Try this Impulse Body Spray to smell fresh and citrusy after showering: True Love Body Spray
True Love Body Spray has an exciting blend of citrus notes such as bergamot, lime and grapefruit with exotic fruits (peach, pear, melon)

2. Add into your bath for spa day

To those that have bathtubs at home, you can try adding your body spray fragrance to your baths. It makes your bath water smell lovely and divine! You’ll be soaking in your favourite scent. Enjoy your spa day!

Try this Impulse Body Spray to feel relaxed during your bath: Be Surprised.
Be Surprised Body Spray has an Irresistible floral heart of refined Turkish rose and plainness peony together with the sensual vanilla and warm cedarwood.

3.Spray it on pillowcases and bedsheets

There is nothing better than going to sleep with pillowcases and bed sheets that smell good! It will not only make you feel fresh, but it can also help you to relax.

Try this Impulse Body Spray to go to bed smelling like flowers: Very Pink
Very Pink Body Spray has a Feminine floral heart of lily of the valley, pink orchid, rose, and lotus blossom.

4.Use it to to freshen up your wardrobe

Why not spray body spray to freshen up your wardrobe? It keeps your clothes smelling good and fresh. 

Try this Impulse Body Spray to smell fresh and sweet: Tease 

Tease Body Spray has an exciting fragrance with stimulating pineapple and exotic wood notes. 

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